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Friday, February 25, 2005

Vox Blogoli 2.2: Where's the Rope??

From Hugh Hewitt Central:

Vox Blogoli 2.2: Does the Senate GOP Go McClellan
or Grant if Harry Reid "Goes Gingrich?"

"The Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, has said that if the
Republicans made good on their threat and ruled filibusters out of order, he
would see to it that Senate business came to a halt."

I am a big believer in the old adage of giving someone enough rope so they may hang themselves. It has been suggested that the overwhelming negativity from the Democrat side of the aisle in the Senate especially, has been an attempt to channel Newt. Unfortunately, they forgot that part of the Gingrich strategy was to bring out new ideas. So far, all we have heard is “no, no, no, wrong, wrong, wrong” with no alternatives to right these negatives. In other words, they are channeling half of Newt.

If Senators Schumer, Byrd, Kennedy and maybe Clinton, do filibuster and shut down the government, every Republican leader should be demanding lights, camera and yell “action”! This would do more to tick off Middle America than they can imagine. The only people a Filibuster would make happy are the far-left nutcases that think the lefty leadership has been too nice and cooperative (think Michael Moore.)

I am very different from most Republicans. I hope everyday that some lefty opens their mouth. I hope they exercise their free speech rights. A trifecta dream would be Ward Churchill, Kennedy and Byrd talking about the same subject during the same news cycle. That’s worth a bag of popcorn!

The problem is, the Congress of the U.S is beginning to act like the beaurocrates that inhabit the rest of the government; they believe they are going to stay there forever and the elected officials from the Executive Branch are “Christmas Help”. This is a very snobby perspective, but perhaps a realistic one. Anyone elected to Congress will probably be re-elected. Their motive is to “get along” with everyone else because the Presidency will change every 4-8 years. They have no motivation to radically change things; the status quo works best for them.

The person in this mix that is the Radical and has the motivation to change is the President. One of the first things he said after the re-election in November is that now he has “political capital” and he plans to spend it.

I hope one of those rather large budget items for the political capital is getting Federal Judges confirmed. If not, he has squandered his capital.

If the President does spend his Capital on Judges, I hope the Senate Republican Leadership has enough guts to follow him.

P.S. Isn't it against Employment Law to discriminate against a person based on Religion? If Judicial candidates cannot meet the "religious litmis" test that keeps pro-life candidates from the bench, isn't this against the law? Just asking.......


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